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The Frog Horn Newsletter:

"The Frog Horn" is delivered to each home in the community, which spreads current news and happenings around the community. There are over 3500 newsletters delivered each month from September through June. 

We are able to extend 5 options, available on a month to month, or annual basis.

  1. Full page ad at a cost of $ 170 per issue.
  2. Full back page ad at a cost of $180 per issue.
  3. Half-page ad at a cost of $ 85 per issue.
  4. Quarter-page ad at a cost of $ 45 per issue.
  5. Business card size ad at a cost of $ 25 per issue.  

     * 10% discount will be applies if all 10 months are paid in full prior to August 20th. ($1440 for full page ads, $720 for half page ads, $405 for quarter page ads, and $225 for business card ads).

Please print and return the order form to ensure your Ad is in next months Frog Horn.

Advertisement Order Form